Protect Lincolnwood Library

Candidates for Library Trustee

We want you to be informed. Read on to learn about the candidates.

There are four amazing candidates running for Library Trustee. The Freedom To Read Lincolnwood candidates believe in the importance of the First Amendment and they believe that the purpose of a public library is to provide resources and services in a variety of media to meet the needs of individuals and groups for education, information and personal development including recreation and leisure.


To quote I Love Libraries: "Libraries are community hubs. They connect people to information and connect people to people. They are safe havens for kids, providing after-school homework help, games, and book clubs. They offer computer classes, allowing older adults to stay engaged in a digital world. And library bookmobiles and community outreach programs help those living in remote areas and those who are home bound to remain connected to the world." The Lincolnwood Library fits this description perfectly. The Freedom to Read candidates will protect this gem of Lincolnwood.


The Freedom to Read candidates are Sheri Doniger, Deborah Silver, Georgia Talaganis, and Mary Silber. They all have experience as members and officials of Library or School Boards (or both!), as long-time members of the Lincolnwood community, as members of the Friends of the Library, as business owners in the village, as respected volunteers, and as teachers. Their ethics are beyond reproach and they treat everyone with honesty and respect. They are and will continue to be the best and most responsible stewards of our Lincolnwood Library.


Early voting begins March 20, 2023. Election Day is April 4, 2023.



Our mission


We want you to see the truth behind the language of Awake Illinois, Moms for Liberty, and Heritage Action for America.